Dagger Down represents a culmination of sound, emotion, thought and philosophy encompassing everything meaningful about being human. Their music stems from the desire to bring entertainment and joy to others and draws inspiration from artists including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, ELO, Tool, Sound Garden, Jimmy Page and ZZ Top.


Dagger Down is frontman, singer, songwriter, and guitarist Lawrence Fothe; multi instrumentalist and producer Rick G. Nelson who also owns and operates Marigny Studio in New Orleans Louisiana;  Guitarist, producer, engineer, and Berklee school of music graduate Paul S. McDonald; And drummer Jonathan Arceneaux.


Our first encounter with each other was a couple of years back when Lawrence set out to record the 1st Dagger Down album in order to reintroduce himself to the music scene after quite a few years away from it.  Rick suggested bringing in Paul to engineer.  Before the sessions could start, the originally intended drummer dropped out and again Rick, after hearing Lawrence's demos, said he knew the studio drummer who would be perfect - that being Jon.  Our originally intended producer also dropped out, so Rick volunteered his services as producer and also became the bass player for the sessions.  Paul said he wanted to play on the record so he became the lead guitarist.  These was the core players for the 1st album.


As we played songs together and continued to add parts and touches to the music, we found we all got along really well and a chemistry began to form.  Our combined love for music came to the forefront and propelled us on.  


When it came time for the second album, Dagger Down II, we realized we had achieved a friendship along with respect for each other's abilities.  There was never ego involved, nor were there ever arguments or anything of a negative nature.  Recording became fun and beautiful to work on together.  Dagger Down II shows the true camaraderie that has developed among the extraordinary band members who have become the official Dagger Down band!!


We look forward to a time when the opportunity to bring our music to thousands of fans through touring returns!!